February 2014 – Audra Hamill


Audra is quite easily one of the happiest and most positive people I have ever met.  She brightens Albany CrossFit up every time she walks in the doors.  From her early days of Albany CrossFit as one of the teeny boppers, to being an integral part of "Team Weird," to now becoming a full fledged athlete, Audra's transformation has been nothing short of spectacular.

Audra puts in the hard work and it is paying off.  From heavier loads on every lift, to pull-ups and handstand push-ups, Audra can acheive anythign she sets her mind on.  The future is bright for her and I have no doubt if she wants it she will get it.  

Audra is doing it right.  Day in and day out, she is paying her dues and listening to coaches, giving it her all for one solid hour.  CrossFit is not a sprint, it's a journey, and Audra's is just beginning!

We are proud to announce Audra as our February 2014 Member of the Month!

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