2017 Fall Face Off Event Details

Fall Face Off:

Fall Face Off is one of the largest CrossFit competitions in the North East! This year is shaping up to be our most exciting event yet in our seven year history. Do not miss out! Find a team and be ready to face off!


Event Details:

DATE: Saturday, October 7th

Standards & Divisions

Judging Standards:

Fall Face Off will use CrossFit Open standards for all movements unless otherwise specified.


Teams of 4 male or 4 female athletes will choose to compete in the RX or scaled divisions. All athletes will participate in 4 events. Some events may yield more than one score or offer additional points.

RX Division:

The RX division is designed for athletes with a strong foundation in CrossFit. Athletes will be tested across all of the domains of fitness.

Scaled Division:

The Scaled division is designed to give athletes a taste for competition and allow them to challenge themselves in a fun way. Scaled teams should expect to see scaled versions of standard CrossFit movements. Examples would be Ring Rows instead of Pull Ups or Push Ups instead of Dips.

Event Day:
– Check-Ins: 8:00 am – 9:00 am (October 7th)
– First Event Briefing is at 9:00am
– Prizes Awarded to the Top 3 Teams in Each Division


– $200 / Team
– Please Make All Checks Payable to “The Court Club”

– T-Shirts Included with registration.


Team Information:

Please email the following information about your team to [email protected]

– Team Name

– Team Roster (and who is team captain)

– Division (Scaled or RX)

– T-Shirt Sizes


If you would like to help out at the event email [email protected] with:

– Your availability on competition day.

– T-Shirt size

– Position: Equipent or Judge


This year’s event will be to benefit the Barbells for Boobs charity. Help us reach our goal by making a donation to our team!

We’re raising funds so that Barbells for Boobs can give people the Right to Know if they’re living with breast cancer.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. 7% of those women will be under the age of 40. In honor of our 7th anniversary we’re dedicating our efforts to these too often under-served and overlooked faces of breast cancer.

Want to do more? Join our team by clicking the link below! The bigger the better. Together we can raise more than we ever could alone.



Event One:

Barbells n’ Dumbbells for BOOBS!

A. “Grace”

For Time:

30 Clean and Jerks @ 135 / 95

* 4:30 Time Cap


B. “Heavy Grace”

For Time:

30 Clean and Jerks @ 185 / 135

* 9 Minute Time Cap


C. “Double Grace”

For Time:

60 Clean and Jerks @ 135 / 95

* 9 Minute Time Cap


D. “Dumbbell Grace”

For Time:

30 Clean and Jerk @ 55 / 35 per hand

* 4:30 Time Cap

  • Teams will assign one version of Grace: A, B, C, or D to each member to complete within the designated time cap.
  • Classic and Dumbbell Grace will run at the same time, followed by Heavy and Double Grace.
  • Scaled Weights: A. 95/65, B. 135/95, C. 95/65, D. 35/25 per hand


Event Two:

The Albany, NY Back Squat Massacre

16 Minutes to Complete
Team 20 Rep Max Back Squat
  • Teams will accumulate 20 total reps of the Back Squat at a chosen weight. Teams can attempt multiple weights within the 16-minute time cap.
  • Every team member must perform at least one Back Squat at the chosen weight. Example: The team decides upon 315 lbs. Athlete 1 performs 2 reps, Athlete 2 performs 6 reps, Athlete 3 performs 4 reps, and Athlete 4 performs 8 reps. As a group, they have completed 20 total reps at 315 lbs. Any rep scheme is legal as long as each team member performs at least 1 back squat.

Event Three:

A Nightmare on Sand Creek Road

18 Minute AMRAP of:
A) Bike for Calories

B) AMRAP OF: Bear Hug Carry a Ballistic Block (75#) 15 Yards Out and 15 Yards Back, then Sprint 30 Yards Out and 30 Yards Back.

  •  One team member bikes for calories.
  • Another team member completes a Round of the AMRAP.
  • Team members rotate from the Bike to the AMRAP after each completed round of carry / sprint is completed.
  • Scores will be for total calories biked and total rounds of the AMRAP as a group.
  • Scaled Teams Carry block any way possible.


The final event will be released the day of the event.