August 2017 – Amir Evan

We are thrilled to announce that Amir Evan is our August 2017 Member of the Month! We are constantly in awe of how hard Amir pushes, no matter what is up on that board! It’s been a long time coming, and he has definitely earned this honor! Here’s what our coaches had to say:

Coach Shye had this to say:
“Amir exemplifies what a CrossFit Masters athlete is all about. He hits every WOD hard (have you seen the amount of sweat is on the floor when he is done?) and scales appropriately so that he can hit the next WOD just as hard. As his twin and competitive rival, nothing is more inspirational than knowing if I don’t give full effort, he will come in later in the day and outperform me. Congratulations Amir!”

Coach Murph chimed in:
“Amir and Shye have had a friendly rivalry over the course of their CrossFit careers. This honor will be one more notch in Amir’s tally. Amir is simply one of the humblest students, hardest workers and one of the best athletes I’ve ever coached. I am always pumped up when Amir hits my class because I know he will push as hard as he can (a little brotherly competition helps). Amir is proof that hard work and dedication will pay off. This is a much deserved honor! Congratulations Amir!”

Coach James added:
“Amir is definitely deserving of the Member of the Month title and I’m very happy for him! He’s the definition of an OG CrossFitter and has seen the gym transition and change so much over the years. Amir always comes to class with a positive attitude and exceptional work ethic. He scales WODs intelligently or strategically if it might mean beating a score Shye set earlier in the day. Congrats again Amir! Keep up the great work!”

Coach Pat said:
“Amir is probably the most humble, hard-working, focused athlete that has ever walked into ACF. He doesn’t complain, hits every WOD intelligently, listens to coaches, supports other athletes, and is always positive. He is a pleasure to coach, train with, or just hang with during a community event.”

Coach Louis mentioned:
“Again wow! And how has Amir not had this honor!? But like a fine wine, these Evan brothers are something spectacular, better with age! Amir has brought nothing but positivity and intense effort to any class I’ve been a part of. It’s just as fun to workout or coach when Amir is taking class. I love how supportive he is; as much as his determination to constantly improve (beat Shye). Lol. Seriously I feel challenged when Amir is in class. He inspires myself and others to (be)tter. Its your time Amir! Congratulations. One day I hope to have those guns! Oh, and Amir might just have more kicks then me. The guy should get member of the month just for the Pr on shoes! Kobe will never be broke as long as Amir is walking, haha. Great job Amir!”

Coach Chris said:
“I don’t think we could have a better MOM this month than Amir. Just like others I’m very surprised he has not been it before. Amir is an amazing athlete especially when it comes to body weight movements. He crushes every WOD and is always humble about how well he does. My favorite part about doing a WOD with Amir is that I’m not the oldest in the class. Just kidding! Keep up the great work Amir and continue to get better every day!”

Coach Kat added:
“This member of the month is long overdue. Amir embodies and exemplifies what we look for in member of the month candidates. His effort each and every day is amazing. As an OG, Amir has seen it all, yet still takes cues direction and coaching to constantly better himself. I am honored to coach and work out along side Amir and am excited to call him Member Of the Month. A fantastic representation of Albany CrossFit.”

Coach Stacey said:
“When you walk into a class with Amir, you know that no matter what the WOD is, he’s going to give 110% and crush it! I agree with the other coaches that Amir has this sort of quiet confidence, even though you know he’s super competitive (mostly against his bro). Hitting a class alongside Amir is always motivating. And, coaching a class with Amir in it is always a privilege. He is always attentive, kind, and supportive of everyone in the room. He sets an amazing example for others at the gym and for our newer athletes! Keep working hard Amir! You are definitely deserving of this honor! Congrats!”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2017 August Member of the Month, Amir!