Fall Face Off Announcement 2


Fall Face Off is approaching fast! We have many teams signing up in both divisions and want them to be prepared. Events 1 & 2 are listed below with brief descriptions of each. Athletes will be briefed at the event in great detail, but please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns. The fourth and final WOD will be announced the day of the competition.

This WOD is a combination of some of James McDermotts favorite exercises.

“Prowler and Snatch Relay”

For Time:

Prowler Push 200ft

4 Snatches

Prowler Push 300ft

3 Snatches

Prowler Push 400ft

2 Snatches

Prowler Push 500ft

1 Snatch


*Low handles down high handles back

*Weights RX Prowler 195/175/145/95

                       RX Snatch 95/115/145/195

*Weights Scaled Prowler 145/125/105/75

                    Scaled Snatch 75/95/115/145

*Includes weight of the Prowler

In this event the first team member will push the prowler down and back and then perform 4 snatches. The team will then load the bar to the next highest weight from the prowler and the second team member will go. This relay continues until the last team member completes their lift or time expires.

This event was created by Jason Murphy and enhanced by the coaching staff.

“Cumulatively Complex”

Max cumulative weight


Max complex weight in 12 minutes

8 Deadlifts

6 Hang Power Cleans

4 Front Squats

2 Jerks

In this event there are two scores. One score for the heaviest successful complex and one for the most accumulated weight. Each team will be given a bar, a stack of weight and 12 minutes. Each team member must complete one section of the complex. Every full complex competed will count toward the team’s cumulative weight total. The bar may not touch the ground between movements during the complex.

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