Discuss Amongst Yourselves…

On the Level 1 Seminar staff we often have discussions, mostly about CrossFit.  The conversations and debates are typically about CrossFit methodology, training, and philosophy.  Fun Stuff.

Recently we re-read this article, "Fooling around with Fran."

This led to opnions on what breakdown of reps and rounds of 45 Thrusters and 45 Pull-ups would lead to the greatest Power and Intensity, or basically, fastest time.

Many ideas were thrown out there, 45/45, 5 rounds of 9, 23/22, some suggested 21/15/9 is still the greatest.  My contention was 25 Thrusters, 45 Pull-ups, 20 Thrusters.

We hit my version Saturday in NYC, CF 5th Avenue.

10 of us hit this and 3 of us did it faster than our "Fran" time.  What's interesting to note is all 3 of us have sub 3 normal "Frans."

The other 7 either struggled on the bigger sets of Thrusters, most on the giant set of 45 Pull-ups.

Here is my question to all of you.  What variation of "Fran" do you think will yield the best time for elite athletes and also what varation for yourself.  Also, if you are feeling incredibly sassy, put it to the test and hit it!

Discuss amongst yourselves.