Adam Puorto: Forging elite Friendship.

What I enjoy the most about Albany CrossFit is the people. I'm nearly 30 years old, and have had the same group of friends since middle school. I've made connections at Albany CrossFit that I know will be long lasting relationships for years to come. There truly is something about the challenges of CrossFit you experience with others that bring you closer.

I keep coming back because I know there are improvements I've yet to make. Competitiveness is something I believe you're born with, and life experiences either diminish that spirit or build it. Competition against friends, the white board, but mostly myself make each day a new chance to improve upon something.

In a physical sense, my body is stronger and more agile than it has even been. Having said that, there are still tremendous gains to be made. From an emotional standpoint, I am overall a better, kinder person. I've learned certain disciplines through CrossFit I utilize in everyday life – patience, persistence, and confidence are at an all time high because of the experiences I've had at Albany CrossFit.

CrossFit has even helped inn my career. In sales, patience and confidence are an absolute must. I've made noticeable strides in both, and often find myself mentally referencing something I've learned in the box. I can then apply that skill or way of thinking in ways completely unrelated to exercise.

My favorite story is a Team Weird story. 10 people decided to do this insane overnight endurance, scavanger hunt, hike back in June. Most of us barely knew each other, but after completing what most – including ourselves – didn't think we could, have built bonds and trusting friendships that continue to grow stronger everyday.