Coach of the Quarter

We recently asked our athletes, "which coach has earned Coach of the Quarter?"  The answer was loud and clear… albany fitness


This is our second Coach of the Quarter award and Dean has now won both.  it would have been very easy to say, "no repeats" but he truly deserves it.

Dean has come such a long way since he first walked through the doors of Albany CrossFit.  At first as an athlete, then as an intern, then a coach, and now a head coach.  There are very few people you will meet in your life as passionate about life and CrossFit as Dean Leber. 

Dean and I have come a long way as co-workers and as friends these last few years.  He sure is one hard nut to crack.  But, once you do, the juice is certainly worth the squeeze.  Kind, compassionate, friendly, and loyal, doesn't begin to describe the man that Dean is.  From waking up early every day, to spending time with anyone that seeks him out, to focusing on his own training, Dean exemplifies what it means to be a CrossFit coach.

The energy Dean brings to Albany CrossFit is undeniable.  It's contagious.  He has a unique sense of humor and once you understand it, he is capable of being funny.  Dean is the total package.  Smart, fit, and good looking (so I hear).

When Dean is not at the gym, he has diversity on the outside as well.  He is a family man and loves spending time with his spiritual family and of course his beautiful wife Savanah.

We are proud to have Dean as our friend, coach, colleague, and much more.  We are even more honored to announce him as Coach of the Quarter.

3 Responses
  1. sonya

    Dean is total awesome-sauce.  His knowledge is outstanding, and he pushes just the right buttons to get me working really really hard.  Motivating with great information.  He's got it all!    Absolutely one of my faves!