Champions Attitude

Brett talks about the right attitude: albany fitness

The other day, I was watching some athletes in the 5:30 class struggle through their Barbell Gymnastics, and I mean struggle. Lifts were being missed left and right and frustrations were running high.

It reminded me of a story Glenn Pendlay had told on Weightlifting Talk (yes, I geek out over this stuff).

Pendlay –

The father of one of the more talented lifters that I’ve ever seen, James Moser. He’s a great athlete. A guy that I’m proud to say that I had some interaction with and was able to coach for a while. His dad, one time, was talking to me about James’ progress and we were talking about his makes and his misses and he said something to me, he’s like, “I don’t care that he’s missing as long as he’s missing heavier and heavier weights.”

There’s no doubt in my mind that a kid whose father has that attitude can go far. It’s also clear that the CrossFit athletes who embrace this approach progress most in their training. Stop into ACF on a Saturday around noon and you’ll see athletes as they prep for their competitive season throwing up huge weights… and often, you’ll see them unabashedly missing and I’ve seen them candidly share misses and failures on their training logs.

But, read what James’ dad said one more time! “I don’t care that he’s missing as long as he’s missing heavier and heavier weights.” He was able to recognize progress even in the disguise of failure. You’ve got to keep your mind wrapped around your own progress or you might lose this champion’s attitude.

Remember where you were. You’re getting stronger.

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