Challenge Yourself

Des addresses facing new challenges and checking the ego at the door: albany fitness

Most of us are here because we want to do something good for ourselves, make ourselves better.

CrossFit is a tough humbling sport. It not only tests your endurance but your stamina, will power and mental fortitude. I’m reminded of that every day I step into the box. My ego is placed in check and I am humbled.

I’m back in the gym after a fairly serious injury and the people I used to compare myself with are eons ahead of me and that was a huge blow to my ego. But, it presented an opportunity to learn. I choose to look at it as another challenge. I am challenging to better myself, to get back to where I was, but under the guise of SAFELY and SLOWLY.  That's a huge obstacle to overcome mentally, but it's a great lesson in patience.

This the best place to do it. We're lucky enough to be a part of this wonderful CrossFit community with peers and coaches that I respect and admire, who will help guide us on the right track.

So I challenge you to this: Take some time to think about what your ego is holding you back from. Assess it, put the ego in check, and then seek the advice of a coach on how to overcome that.  Good luck!