Chalk and Hand Care. –Stacia

UnknownOur hands are one of our most valuable tools in life and in crossfit so lets get a grip and raise the bar. Dont be a chalk whore. You know who you are. There is one reason or advantage to use chalk and that is to aid in grip when hands become damp with sweat. There is a right and wrong way to apply chalk. If you are covering your entire hand or anywhere near wrist or finger tips, you are chalking wrong, Chalk is only needed in the area where you grip the bar and that is just below the fingers. Have you ever gripped with the heel of you hand ? If so, who is your coach  – he will be fired. Its simple, smear a small amount of chalk across the base of fingers on one hand and then the other or simple rub chalked hand with other hand and you are good to go. More is not better and will not make you PR. You will PR with practice, hard work, clean eats and dedication. The only momements I even feel that chalk helps is with kettle bell swings, heavy dead lifts, and when hanging from the rig ( pull up bar ). I will emphasis heavy lifts meaning WODs with light weight are not calling for chalk.
While you may have a slight addiction to chalk and need a friendly reminder that is is not the magic dust you believe it is, Its ok you arent alone and Albany Crossfit will not be one of those gyms that make you bring your own or ban it all together due to the cost or mess it causes. This box only asks you to use chalk properly and be aware of the dust clouds and chalk stains you leave behind when feeding you habit. Please do not leave you paper towel filled with chalk by the rig when you leave because it normally ends up spread around the gym, Cleaning chalk stains take not just a vacuum but about 4 to 5 solid mopping before they disappear from the floor, No one wanst to lay in your chalk but you. You get the point so onward.
Here are a few tips for dealing with callused hands. Lemon juice helps break down the tough, hard skin due to the natural acid in citrus. Pumice stones keep skin build up at bay by just lightly exfoliating each callus with a small circular motion. Picking and ripping the skin is not recommended. Do not wear rings while doing crossfit, The ring makes for bigger callus. When not WODing use hand lotion to keep skin supple. If you do end up with ripped hands please stop the work out and tell a coach. Open wounds and bleeding are not fun and infection is not cool….. we already know you are a badass but stop and take care of your hands. (unless its the open) Always consult a coach or a doctor if you think your rip or torn callus is not healing properly. A monthly manicure is bonus and dont be afraid to ask them to file your callused hands while then showing them a pic of you at crossfit, Trust me the manicurist will get a kick out of the request and gladly help with out charging you more,
Overuse of chalk is not helping you make gains and may be hurting the health of your hands by being a chalk whore. Work on grip strength and proper hand care. While summer months approach a sweat towel to wipe hands may be beneficial as well as extra water to drink on hots days. If you have any questions reguarding grip, lifts or any movement , ask a coach.  They are here to help you succeed.