Building Better Athletes

albany gymWe see CrossFit benefit our daily lives all the time.  Chores around the house are easier, carrying heavy objects up flights of stair are not as daunting, right down to the most mundane of tasks.  We can just feel the difference. But what about our athletes who compete in other sports?  Some question how effective the cross-over is.  Well how's this for crossing-over: 2 National Championships and All-American Honors! Big shout-out to Alexis and Jesse Porter, who both just lit up the competition at the Nationals in Fargo, ND.  This is the most prestigious wrestling tournament in the country for their age group, and we could not be more proud of their accomplishments. This brother and sister combo come in and give their all at every class, are a pleasure to coach, and have bright futures ahead.  We're just happy to have the opportunity to work with them as coaches and are proud to sponsor Journeymen Wrestling Club.


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