Sitting here the next morning, after a good night's sleep and a fresh cup of coffee it's time to revisit the magic of yesterday's Fall Face Off…

Let me start this up with a few shout outs:

Kevin, Caleb, Dean, and Murph, you are the backbone of these events.  The amount of blood, sweat (mostly Murph), and tears you pour into ACF/CCP behind the scenes no one will ever truly comprehend.  The events always run so smoothly because for weeks and even months leading up to them you guys are busting your butts.

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James you have become one of us (minus the innappropriateness).  Your desire to be the best at what you do no matter what the task will get you far in life.  You and Johanna did a phenomenal job running the store.

Not much to say about Pat Regan, except he is the man.  Thanks for all you do.

Brett thanks for keeping the athletes motivated with great tunes all day long.

Shye and the Court Club, thanks for letting us take over for the day.

Finally…of course all of the judges and volunteers.  You all truly make these days possible.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Alright, that felt like an acceptance speech…

What a day!

So proud to see so many ACF/CCP athletes step up and compete.  Whether you wound up on the podium or were just happy to get through the day, you made us proud.clifton park fitness

When we opened our doors in 2007, we certainly never dreamed we would produce the quality of athlete we do today, that so many people would walk through our doors, or that we would have made so many amazing friends.

ACF/CCP our so much more than a gym, I don't think people can ever truly understand.  Watching everyone support, cheer, and care for one another was simply incredible.  What we have at our box is more special than we can ever put into words.  Thank you all for everything you have done and continue to do.  We look forward to continuing to grow along with you and provide you with best we possibly can.

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  1. Madison Callaro

    Hi ALL! Thank you so much for hosting the competition this past Saturday, It was my first competition and I learned so much about myself, and was totally inspired by the kindness and love I saw at the box.  Congrats on throwing an awesome meet! Question, Will you be posting the Wods from Saturday anywhere on the site or Facebook?  I know my teammates and I would love to have them for our own personal training records.  Thanks again!   Madison Callaro