Best Way to Start Your Weekend

clifton park fitnessAttention: The Sunday Class (2/3) at CrossFit Clifton Park is cancelled this week as we are undergoing construction to expand the workout room.  Sunday classes will resume next week with Open Gym.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


Andrea, aka Red, encourages you to come join her for Saturday morning fun at CCP: 

Saturday mornings. While most people are still in bed (it's the weekend, after all), an awesome group of people are gearing up to hit the work out of the day at Crossfit Clifton Park. Have you ever been to CCP on Saturday morning? If not, let me give you 5 reasons to start your weekend with us:

1. Free Life Lessons during the warm-up – This usually starts around 8:30 on the foam rollers. Whatever you need, we got it! We have everything from how to improve your lifts to dating advice. (Parental discretion is advised!)

2. We've got cool equipment, (not run down shabby stuff) too! – From 45lb Metal plates to 1/4 pound plates, we've got plenty of weight to help you hit your lifts! 3 ropes, tons of foam rollers, and even ankle clips to hang up side down. Need I say more?

3. You are not a morning person – Are you grumpy in the morning? No problem! When you walk in, Jenna and I will greet you with an annoyingly big smile and an abundance of energy. You will laugh so hard that you might tinkle a little too. We guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face!

4. Music 101 – We have our very own DJ! Mike, aka Pick, customizes the appropriate tunes to guarantee a PR!

5. Team Environment – We work together, on everything. Athletes and coaches grow and learn together. Our attitude and excitement on saturday mornings is contagious. We take the time to catch up on our lives outside crossfit while gearing up for a wod and it doesn't matter how tired these people are- they will take the breathe to cheer you on and get you to continue moving.

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