Any Given Sunday

What are most people doing on a Sunday?  Sleeping in?  Watching TV?  Recovering from a night of partying?

Not at Albany CrossFit!

albany fitness

At 9:30am you have one crazy Brit leading an even crazier group of Kettlebell addicts through an intense conditioning class.  These are the folks that set their alarm for 8am on a Sunday to get an ass-whooping.  These folks are dedicated and a bit crazy, ok, a lot crazy.

Immediately after this, you have our 10:30am WOD class.  This is a class with one scheduled coach, yet you can often find 2-3 more coaches there simply because they love coaching.  Imagine waking up early to go to work and not getting paid…on a Sunday…who does that!?  CrossFitters do.

12pm most people are still sipping coffee, that's when the Strongman crew rolls in, and they roll deep.  Led by their leaders Cean and Cat this is one tough, loyal, and passionate crew.  This is the same group that is out til 2am Saturday nights but itching to go on Sundays!  They work hard, they lift heavy, they cheer each other on, and they have fun!

During the Open Season the gym has an even better vibe, a louder buzz, and a greater energy.  Throughout the day we have seen athletes coming in, jumping around, ready to put a hurting on the WOW.  From burpees and snatches, to step-ups or box jumps, planning, discussing, judging, hitting it over and over again, the Open takes the energy at Albany CrossFit to an eleven!

What else is going on?  We see athletes working on skills, coaching one another, volume training, making up WODs, becoming better than they were yesterday.  This is what we have come to know and love about our CrossFit community.  We are not complacent, we challenge our minds and our bodies, we thrive outside of our comfort zones.

So while the rest of the world is enjoying their lazy Sundays…our community is…well, being pretty f*cking awesome!