ACF Radio – Episode 33

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  1. Alex

    Hey guys I just wanted to let you that I love tthe podcast. Keep them coming! They really help to pass the time while I work. Not because i have nothing better to do, its just the only time i have to listen to them. By the way, Jay, I'm the competitor from the Beast of the East that shook your hand after the final event. I should have introduced myself but I wasn't thinking too clearly after the WOD. You did mention that you signed my chest…I don't recall such a thing. I probably wouldn't have turned an autograph down. You know, if I can't get that autograph, I'd be cool to have an ACF or CCP t-shirt. Id wear it with pride in the suburbs of Philadelphia. It wouldn't be a Jay Ackerman autograph, but it'd be close enough. Anyway, you did a great job MCing the Beast and don't give up on the podcasts!