A Time and Place for Isolation Movements. –Coach Andrew

As Crossfitters, we typically perform multi-joint functional movements. These movements are designed to work core to extremity and to transfer over to our daily lives. The squat, deadliest, or push press are great movements for us to improve our daily quality of life. However, have you ever thought of incorporating isolation movements to improve your performance as a crossfitter?
After attending the CrossFit Powerlifting certification I have incorporated movements such as JM presses, Tate presses, face crushers, and dare I say bicep curls. All of these movements are geared at building up either the triceps, biceps, or deltoids. By isolating these muscle groups I have experienced tremendous gains in movements such as strict HSPU and pull ups. While these movements are not the best way to prepare yourself for the unknown and unknowable, they do have a time and a place.
Take my word for it and try out some isolation movements. If your HSPU are a problem, try some movements that will strengthen your triceps and deltoids. If you struggle with pull ups, try and use movements that will strengthen your lats and biceps. In order to become a better crossfitter you must address your weaknesses, and sometimes that means attacking a single muscle group. You may get some weird looks as you are banging out a bunch of reverse curls, but if it helps get you that first pull up, then who cares!
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