A Message from the Preggo.

IMG_4496Warning: This post will not help your form.  This post will not help you mobilize.  This post will not help you eat right.  This post WILL solidify that you are in the right place for at least an hour a day.

Work suck? Want to slap a co-worker? Argument with your significant other?  Is everyone bothering you today?  We all have those days.  We all have days that just ‘need to end’.  Somehow we find at least an hour of our time to walk through the doors of ACF.  That hour of the day is a magnificent.  Can you think of a time you left ACF pissed off? Nope, me either.

That’s not because of a random act of the lord, Jesus, god, baby Buddha, or the saints; it’s because of everyone you are surrounded by.  It’s because you entered a community that only wants to see you succeed.  You have entered a space of positivity.  A space filled with smiles, cheers, and most of all support.  CrossFit is the only sport I know of that an athlete you are competing against will cheer you on when they are done, or even celebrate with you beating them in a lift or WOD.

Albany CrossFit has fostered a community of support.  Friday Night Fights for a cause or charity, memorial WOD’s to honor family and friends, birthday celebrations, wedding celebrations, and chalk it up as complete; baby showers!  We have been there for each other in sadness; relationships gone sour, deaths in families, and personal struggles.  We have and continue to come together to create the best damn community and family around.

#personaltime – Anthony and I cannot thank the ACF family enough for all your support, guidance, and well wishes throughout these past million (I really mean 36 so far) weeks.  From coaches helping me to scale WOD’s, or athletes asking how we are doing, and moms and dads giving much appreciated advise; we thank you.  As first timers at this thing called parenting, we cannot express our gratitude to this community.  We have no immediate family around town, but feel loved and at ease with the family we have supporting us through ACF.  Baby DiSpirito is one lucky kid.

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