90 Day Challenge: 4th Place

Down to 4…. clifton park fitness clifton park fitness

Congratulations to Kathleen Barclay!

After all was said and done, she's down over 15 pounds, and lost 6 inches off her waist. As for the performance, well how's this for improvement: almost 3 minutes off of her "Fran" time, a whopping 20lbs added to her 1RM Snatch, and 20lbs on her 1RM Back Squat! Not to mention she cut almost 6 minutes off of the 10k row, and PR'ed by 25 reps on her latest go 'round of 7 minute max burpees.  She's looking great, performing at a high level, and we couldn't be happier for her.  Congrats!

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