90 Day Challenge – 1st Place – Andrew Sheehan


Congratulations Andrew Sheehan on winning the 90 day challenge!  This undercover quiet guy has been crushing WOD’s, and putting in the work to constantly be better.  He has mastered double unders which was very evident with his 117 rep improvement in the 90 Day Challenge Open WOD and increased his 7 minute of burpees to 114, an increase of 34 reps.  Andrew went from ring rows during Fran on New Year Day to pull ups at the conclusion of the challenge.  He has shed 5 ½ inches from his waist and lost a total of 10.1% body fat in 90 days!  We are extremely proud of the effort Andrew has put in and are excited to honor him with a free ONE YEAR CROSSFIT MEMBERSHIP! Congratulations Andrew!




before after

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