Recently, I have been noticing some of our members entering into firebreather status. There are some hints that we pick up and notice when one has done so. You have started to drink the "Kool-Aid" as people will jokingly say. So in case you were wondering if you have drank the "purple drank" or not, here is a checklist for you: 

1. You have turned in your running shorts for some booty hugging spandex or some sick WOD shorts.

2. You have purchased your first pair of knee high socks, loved them, and bought 5 more pair for each day of the week.

3. Protein, pre-workout, fish-oil

4. You've hit class, Strongman/KB's and volume trained…..all in one day…..and it's your third day working out.

5. You purchased a belt….not because you lost weight….because you need it for big lifts.

6. The coaches are no longer making the inappropriate jokes in class….you are!

7. You come earlier and earlier to your class, not even to workout, to hang out.

8. You suddenly want a dog?

9. RX is not just on your medications.

10. You took your shirt off.

11. You got a jump rope because you are sick of doing Burpees instead.

12. You realized the double wide and the people in it are not scary. Well, maybe Kevin Seaman.

13. You are helping out your fellow athletes in class (been seeing this a lot lately, members helping members with lifts, form, etc. especialy when sharing a barbell for strenght workouts. Knowledge is power!)

14. You ask questions, want more help, and seek out coaches to (BE)TTER

15. Your friend circle has quadrupled in size and you can't wait for the next ACF/CCP get together. If you have said yes that is me to more than half of these, then congratulations, you have crossed over into the dark side. It's awesome. We meet every Friday night in a basement in downtown Albany. Tell your friends.


albany bootcamp


7C Johnson Road

Latham, NY 12110


email: [email protected]

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