Why I Love To Coach

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Coach James Writes –

I love to coach! Helping others step outside their comfort zones and bringing about positive change in their lives is my passion. Years ago, when I was just making my way into the world of fitness, I gained a lot of knowledge working at the YMCA in Binghamton, NY and pursuing a degree in Exercise Science at SUNY Cortland. I really enjoyed working out and learning about exercise protocols & the human body was fascinating. I knew I wanted a career in this field, but it was not until my first session with a personal training client at the Y that I realized being a coach was definitely the career path for me.

My clients name was Karen – a sixty-one year old woman who was looking to gain a little more stamina. As I briefed the workout plan that we would be carrying out she stopped me with a concern when I mentioned we would be jumping rope. She informed me that in all of her years she had never been able to perform this skill – as a young girl Karen had decided it was something that was just not for her. I quickly changed our plan for the day and let her know that we were going to stay there at the gym until she could jump rope! After a considerable amount of practice, technique instruction, and plenty of motivation Karen completed her first repetition ever. I remember her smile grew larger than I had ever seen it before and she let out a loud cry of joy. We celebrated with a high-five and then set out to practice more. Soon after she went on to complete twenty consecutive repetitions without error.

The look on Karen’s face was priceless. Her whole life she thought she couldn’t and it was my task to show her she could. “This is what it’s all about” I thought to myself as I left the gym that day. I knew then that I 100% wanted to be a coach and train others. I truly have the best job in the world and could not imagine spending my life doing anything else.

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