What did you do this weekend?

Birthday Ice Cream!

Top 10 Things I did this past weekend:

10 – Had an amazing Friday Night Fights one by a team with each team member being over 35 years old!

9 – Celebrated the anniversary of two good friends that met at Albany CrossFit.  Love ya Ali and Alex!

8 – Ate way too much Sushi and Ice Cream.  See number 9.

7 – Crushed some Hot Yoga, which was a great remedy after an amazing party.

6 – Coached some killer PRs on Fight Gone Bad!

5 – Hung out with some amazing friends and had an incredible night filled with jell-o shots, fantastic bbq, and positive vibes.

4 – Ran a 5k with Murph.

3 – Played guitar with some super talented musicians.

2 – Did 100 burpees in my underwear on the Recovery Room floor…in 5:17…after 20 wings and tequila!

1 – Raised over $5k for CrossFit for Hope!

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