Welcome CrossFit Clifton Park Bootcamp Graduates!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

We're proud to introduce the newest graduates of the first ever Bootcamp at CrossFit Clifton Park!

After four weeks of attention to detail, learning the basics, getting the proper conditioning, and focusing on becoming a safe and well-prepared athlete, our new CrossFitters are ready to take on the world.  Let's get to know the crew: clifton park gym

Let's start with Sam, AKA Mule.  First off, love the nickname, you simply can't go wrong with that.  He showed tremendous improvement from his first day in class. He crushed his score from the first class, and now has committed with his wife to doing the Paleo Diet. 

Mike and Heidi came in looking for something new, and that's exactly what they found. Something to challenge them, push their fitness to the next level, and have fun doing it. What was most impressive was their constant improvement in technique from start to finish.  They worked on their mechanics and it will pay dividends in the long run. Good luck to the happy couple!

Yvonne, she had my favorite quote of the four weeks. She was a bit apprehensive before starting, then after the second week she pronounced: "I was worried I wasn't going to like it, and now instead I find myself wanting to come back even more!" It's things like that, showing people that they truly are capable of achieving anything they put their mind to, and that CrossFit is for everyone!

Mike A., he's in the military, and he's ready to push himself.  He came in focused and determined to get better. You better believe he's going to work his butt off as soon as he's in the regular classes.

Big shout-out for our next athlete.  Luiz comes to us from Brazil, where he practices jiu-jitsu.  Get this, he lost 14 pounds over the course of the Bootcamp.  Not only that, he battles a wrist injury from jiu-jitsu, and has already found it getting stronger from CrossFit!

Finally, here's two athletes to be on the look-out for.  Chris and Matt both have serious potential to put up big numbers in the future. They've already got pullups and some handstand pushups, definitely a rarity when first coming to CrossFit, who knows what a year of training can do! You heard it hear first.

Let's show them all how great this community is and welcome them with open arms in to our CrossFit family!

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