Wednesday 112013

Open WOW 13.3
12 minute AMRAP:
150 Wall balls (20/14)
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups
WOD Strategy
This workout starts off with Karen (150 wall balls). Our strategy has to be a little different then if we were just doing Karen. I recommend setting a rep scheme in mind (15 sets of 10, 10 sets of 15, 6 sets of 25). Choose a rep scheme that allows you to take as little rest as possible. The focus of our rest time is to relax the shoulders and quads. When you are resting, pin the ball against the wall so you do not have to bend over to pick it up again. Also, try pinning the ball with your leg or hip. If we pin the ball against our chest or abdomen it makes it harder to breathe. When you get to double unders make sure to give yourself a few seconds to collect yourself. Your legs and shoulders will be tired, and both are essential for consistent double unders. Take that extra time to make sure you are ready to hit those doubles. Most importantly with the double unders, RELAX! When you arrive at muscle ups I recommend doing singles. Attempting multiple muscle ups make cost you time and energy if you fail an attempt. Your shoulders will be extremely tired at this point and you need to make every attempt count.   
Active rest day
25 Days of Christmas
Box Jumps
AbMat sit-ups
Rules for Box Jumps
– 20" box for men and women
– entire foot must be on top of the box
– hip must be open on top of the box
Rules for AbMat Situps
– Shoulders must touch the floor at extension
– You must touch your feet during flexion