Varsity is a state of mind.

We are hearing a lot of chatter about our Varsity practice…I have decided to set some of the rumors to rest.
Varsity practice is not only for the "elite" of our CrossFit athletes…case and point…we let Dave train with us.  Varsity is open to all of our athletes regardles off your "Fran" time or 1RM Snatch.  You will regularly see Kevin Seaman and Dona working out side by side.
Although we do get very competitive it is all in the goal of pushing one another to our limits.  Ultimately we are competing against ourselves, but it's fun to talk trash when you come out on top.
We hold each other to high standards but scaling is of course welcome.  You will see us use targets for burpees or hitting some fun post WOD challenges, but again, whether you are scaling up or down, all are welcome.
Varsity is more of a state of mind.  You will regularly hear, "you coming to practice tomorrow?"  It's an hour for us to let loose, a time to leave your troubles and have no stress, or maybe like Tiff, it's the most stressful part of your day.
Varsity practice is a time to let loose, hang with your friends, challenge yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally, but above all have fun.  In fact, that is the only requirement…you must have fun.
We look forward to seeing you all at practice!
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