Tuesday 110513



1. 15 minute AMRAP:
9 Deadlifts, (225/155)
12 Hand Release Push ups
15 Box Jumps, (24/20")
WOD Strategy: This AMRAP was an open workout back in 2011, which means that it is going to test your metabolic capacity. The only change to this workout is the weight of the deadlift. In 2011 the weight was 155 for men and 100 for women. Your Rx deadlift weight will be set a little higher at 225 for men and 155 for women. You should be selecting a weight that you know you can hit at least 6 rounds unbroken. For those of you that struggle with push-ups, break them up into manageable sets when needed. If you go to failure you will end up spending more time trying to recover. Box jumps should be done at a steady pace, and stepping down is highly recomended. For most people the deadlift will likely slow you down, so it is best to pace yourself on the box jumps and be ready to get back to the bar as soon as you are done with that round.
2.  Olympic Lifting
10 minute EMOM
2 Hang Squat Cleans  at 65-75% of your 1RM
Focus on speed under the bar
3. Gymnastics:
3 attempts
Max effort Handstand hold