Tips for New Runners (Part II) –Coach Pat

1)    Stay loose as you run. Think to keep your hands open and light. Tension in your body will slow you down. Do the same with your mind – for the longer runs; don’t be afraid to let it wander a little. A loose mind will help keep your body that way.

2)    Warm everything up before you run – all the muscles & joints from head to toe. This will help you with #6. And don’t forget to warm down – mobilize and stretch as part of your cool down – this will aid you in your recovery.

3)    Keep a log of your running. Just like you should be doing with your workouts, keep track of your running – distances, times, etc.

4)    Know and understand your pace. We will sometimes talk about the intensity level you should be at when you are doing something – here is a good guide to figure out where you are and where you should be: Level 1 – Walk at a pace you could continue indefinitely, Level 2 – Very Light a slightly faster walk, Level 3 – Light more than a walk but not quite a jog, Level 4 – Fairly Light a jog. At Levels 1-4 you can carry on a conversation with full sentences. Level 5 – Somewhat Hard you are starting to move and it takes conscious effort to maintain the pace, Level 6 – Fairly Hard  breathing starts to get a little harder to maintain, Level 7 – Hard you need to work to maintain the pace over a longer distance. At levels 5-7 you can still speak but not in complete sentences – just a word or two here or there. Level 8 – Very Hard not quite max effort but getting close – from here up you can’t speak, Level 9 – Extremely Hard just short of max effort – difficult to breathe, cannot maintain pace for long, Level 10 – Max Effort the best you can do giving everything you have – nothing left in the tank.

5)    Be patient. Do I really need to explain this one?

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