This Week’s Announcements

Announcements for the week: clifton park fitness

We are hosting the CF Endurance Seminar this weekend, it is not too late to sign-up. Please note the schedule changes.

Weekend Schedule:
7-9am Open Gym
12-1pm Open Gym
5-6pm Open Gym

8am – WOD
12-1pm – Open Gym
5-6pm – Open Gym

Other than this schedule Albany CrossFit will be closed. This means if you plan on hitting the WOW you need to do so either at the scheduled times or at CrossFit Clifton Park. There will be no exceptions, so plan accordingly.

2 – Our April Boot Camp starts this Monday at Albany CrossFit, please be cognizant of this. The hallway will probably be a little crowded and there will be some new faces, feel free to introduce yourself.

3 – The 90 Day Challenge is officially over, please make sure to send in your after pictures and data to [email protected]

If you forgot how to do the measurements…..