The Men’s Bar, Not Just for Men (Ali Meach)

I have noticed in classes as of late, that many of the females in the gym fear the use of the men's bar.  I have been using only a men's bar for the past 3 months and have seen a significant increase in grip strength in doing so.  Here is a list of reasons why I think it works and why you shouldn't fear the extra 10lbs:
1. When back squatting, dead lifting, or pressing if you can lift or press 45#s you should use the men's bar.  It saves you 10 extra #s of weight when adding.  95#s becomes 2-25s and a bar instead of 2-25s and a 5.  Makes life easier.
2. Grip strength improvement.  If many of you have a weakness of holding onto the bar for pull-ups, try snatching with a men's bar.  I have seen my grip strength improve from being able to hold on for 3 reps to 10 reps. 
3. When you hit a big lift with a men's bar, it feels soooooo much cooler.  Especially if it is a clean or a snatch.
4. Competition ready-I started doing this to prepare for a competition.  Many times only men's bars are used.  If you are looking to compete and have never cleaned or snatched with a men's bar you should probably try it out.