The 25 Days of Christmas Challenge!

We will be starting an all new tradition here at Albany CrossFit…the 25 days of Christmas/Chanukah Challenge.  For 5 weeks, Monday thru Friday beginning November 18th we will be adding a challenge, 25 days total.  

Max Mondays, Twofer Tuesdays, Hump Day Wednesday, Time Trial Thursdays, and Atypical Fridays.

The challenges will be short in duration but fun and challenging.

Look for an exciting new challenge daily posted on the WOD page.

The scoring system will be, top score gets 100 points, 2nd gets 95, 3rd gets 90, every place thereafter goes down by 1 point.  If you miss a day, you simply don't get any points for that challenge.

There will be no scaling, you will always be able to put up a score.

Let us know if you have any questions.  

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