Thanks to the Regionals Staff

Wow! What a weekend (although it's been more like what a year for me and my crew). albany bootcamp

I'd like to take a moment to thank many of the wonderful people in my life that allowed the 2013 Northeast Regionals to happen!

My Dream Team – Laura, Kayla, and Murph. When I say Regionals couldn't happen without you, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You all are selfless, giving more to the CrossFit community than anyone will ever know or see. You are not only the glue that holds Regionals together, but you are what makes the CrossFit community so special.

We argue, we fight, we laugh, some of us cry, but we are a team, no, we are a family.

Max and Pat – you are the ninjas of Regionals. Quickly moving large loads, long distances, and quickly. You somehow get volunteers that you have never meant working seamlessly with one another and happy to do it. Every year the equipment changes get harder and faster (that's what she said) but you somehow manage to keep with the times. What we talk about behind the scenes shall never be spoken of.

All of our amazing judges. A job where you are under stress and scrutiny and dealing with athletes competing for only 3 spots to the CrossFit games. No easy task but you all did amazing.

The volunteers were amazing this year. From equipment movers to security to check-in. You all came in ready to work hard at any task you were given. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chris and Caleb – you two were amazing this year, keeping the vendors happy and being on the walkie ready to do anything necessary.

Our Team! Win or lose you all gave it your 100%. It makes me gleam with pride to see you all on the competition floor. I'm proud of all of you.

Our awesome massage therapist Ian gave up his weekend to work on our athletes, that's dedication.

Rogue Fitness not only makes the best CrossFit equipment but they move it fast! Thanks for all you do.

There are just too many people to thank, so if you were a part of the 2013 Northeast Regionals in any capacity. Thank you. I hope you had as much fun as I did and enjoyed the sport of CrossFit as well as the amazing community it cultivates. Each and every one of you are CrossFit. Thank you.

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