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Camille shares her "WHY": 

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Why Do I CrossFit?

In the not too distant future, I will be fifty-five years old. When you turn fifty, something happens to your thinking, at least it did for me. The past is a lot longer than it used to be and images of yourself as a young person, able to accomplish anything and achieve any goal is somewhat tempered. I’m not saying fifty is old, but for the most part there is an added dimension. The “runway is a lot shorter” as they say and time does not seem to stretch out quite as far as it used to. Now at almost fifty-five years of age, I look at what I have and what I am able to do with a lot more clarity. Being at CrossFit has definitely positively impacted my view of myself and my current accomplishments and abilities.

I try to remember what I felt like at age sixteen, when I used to run track in high school and felt that I was in decent shape. I must say, since coming to CrossFit, I don’t feel much different. I actually believe I am able to do more than when I was sixteen and just running for exercise. The other day, I surprised myself and did Grace, (30 Clean and Jerks) at 75 lbs. I was inspired by my good buddy and archrival, Ann Marie, who at barely five feet in height, is an absolute powerhouse of strength. Ann Marie was doing 75 lbs, so I must too. Ann Marie is another “mature” member of CrossFit who is a real inspiration and is someone who simply keeps on getting better. My time wasn’t great, well over 7 minutes, but I walked around that day amazed that I am still setting PR’s and still getting stronger.

Recently, I had that lovely age fifty and over required procedure completed, a colonoscopy. I put it off as long as I could, dreading the whole ordeal. My doctor finally said it was time and I met with the gastroenterologist. I was looking forward to this as much as a WOD of Kalsu, Fight-Gone- Bad, Karen and 100 Burpees for time all rolled into one. On the appointed day, thoroughly colon-cleansed, I got to the hospital and checked in. The nurse sat with her clipboard, ready to take down all my medications. “None,” I replied. She repeated, questioning, “None? No medications for mood elevators or stabilizers, no blood pressure controllers, no diabetes medications, no heart disease inhibitors, none?” “None,” I repeated. “Wow,” she muttered under her breath, going to the woman next to me who rattled off a long list of everything imaginable. I opted to do the procedure without anesthesia, which I highly recommend to anyone having to go through this ordeal. It wasn’t bad and I was able to hop off the table afterwards and leave the hospital feeling fine. Oh, and you get to watch an intimate look at the inside of your colon that really can’t be missed.

The feeling of elation after this procedure was over and that I had no problems or concerns was liberating. I can’t help but think that doing CrossFit, eating clean, (or relatively close to it) has made a huge impact on my life. I am hoping to live to a ripe old age, but I don’t want to be there, sitting in a diaper, in a wheelchair, having gruel spooned into me. As far as I can tell, I have good genes and I want to take full opportunity of whatever I have that is working for me. I can accept growing older, but not being incapacitated. I see lots of good things coming and want to be fit and capable to handle whatever comes my way. I believe CrossFit is an integral component in getting me to that goal.