Talent Show raises $8k!

albany gymEvery once in a while we are reminded just how strong our community is.  The Talent Show was a throwback to the old school days of CrossFit.  A strong community event, money raised for an amazing cause, hard work, and of course tons and tons of fun!

The Giving Tent was sick.  So many super prizes in the silent auction!  From a full year membership to a bro-mance date with Kevin to some great bodywork prizes, this was a huge part of our fundraiser.

Once again our Talent Show was stellar!  Kicked off by Ian on guitar, to the hilarity of Clark’s dance routine, to the full Jam Session Encore, ACF/CCP is certainly not your ordinary gym!

We still have our huge Raffle going on!  Top Prizes are an Ipad 3 and an all expense paid Cruise!  Do not miss out on this.  $5/ticket, $20/5 tickets, $30/100 tickets.  There are so many prizes in the raffle we can’t even begin to list them all!  Get your tickets ASAP!

We really have to give a shout out to all of our coaches and friends that made this event possible.  Kevin, Dean,  Murph, Clark, Jenny, Erika, Savanah, and so many more.  Without you all events like this wouldn’t be possible.  Your tireless effort and positive attitudes go such a long way.  You are all the glue that holds this family together.

Thanks to everyone that has taken a part in CrossFit for Hope.  Whether you taught Zumba, baked cupcakes, or raised $1, everything counts.  We are truly blessed and grateful.

“Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go.” –Mother Teresa

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