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WOD Prep / Skills

1×10: LAX Ball Scapular Mobility (No Measure)

2 Minutes / Side


Strict Pull Ups (Function/Sport: 3,3,3. Scaled: 6,6,6)

Function: Strict Pull Ups

Sport: Strict Pull Ups

*Weight Vest (20/10)

Scaling: Difficult Barbell Pull-Ups

* Rest exactly 90 Seconds between sets.


Superset the exercises below.

No rest between exercises.

Exactly 2 minutes of rest between sets.

A1): Pull-Up Negatives (4×3)

With your chin over the bar, lower to a hang as slow as possible. Use a box if necessary.

Scale: Do the same thing with a barbell in the rig. Slow descent.

A2): One Arm Dumbbell Row (4 x 10 / Side.)

Pick a challenging DB or KB Weight.

Function & Sport

CrossFit Games Open 11.2 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15-Minute AMRAP of:
9 Deadlifts, 155# / 100#
12 Push-ups
15 Box Jumps, 24″ / 20″

Injury Prevention

Banded Hamstring Floss (No Measure)

2 Minutes / Side