Stop and look. There is inspiration all around you. –Coach Chris

I see a mother, a wife, someone who has transformed her body and her life.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and battles her demons, but she puts all that she has into everything she does.  Her passion inspires.

I see a blue-collar Crossfitter.  Nothing comes easy to him.  Each of his accomplishments comes through perseverance and dedication.  When most have left the gym, he’s just getting started.  His determination inspires.

I see a strong, independent woman.  She is boisterous and self-assured.  She shares her passion for lifting with others demonstrating that strength and femininity go hand in hand.  Her strength inspires.

I see a coach, not the most gifted athlete but maybe the most gifted at making the complex seem simple.  He is patient, committed, and selfless with his time.  His leadership inspires.

I see a social butterfly.  He is the life of the room.  His humor is unrivaled, his laugh contagious, his wit unmatched.  He helps keep metcons and WODs in perspective.  His demeanor inspires.

I see an elite athlete, one of the best in the gym.  He has two personas: the first is laid back, calm, and cool but when the clock begins the second persona emerges, one that is gritty, primal, and tenacious.  In spite of his talent you’ll never hear him tell you how good he is.  His humility inspires.

I see a snake-bit athlete.   Her year has been marred by injury and setback.  Some would use it all as an excuse, a chance for self-loathing.  For her, it’s an opportunity, a chance to improve at what she can do, to learn, and to become a better coach.  Her optimism inspires.

So, when your mind is not right and you need a lift, stop and look.  Inspiration is all around you.


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