September 2018 – Abby Borchert

We are excited to announce that Abby Borchert is our September 2018 Member of the Month! She might be new to this CrossFit thing, but she’s already got it down! She loves to push herself and accept new challenges and her progress is awesome! She is a great part of the ACF community! Here are some things the coaching staff had to say about her:

Coach James had this to say: “How would I describe Abby? Well, simply put, she is an absolute badass! Fran, Diane, Grace, Isabel-you name it and that WOD doesn’t even stand a chance if Abby shows up to class because she will rise to the challenge. I love when Abby comes to class because she is open to not only putting weight on the bar to go for a new PR, but also to taking the weight off the bar when necessary for better technique-a great quality for any athlete to have. She has set so many new PRs recently, but the one I most enjoyed witnessing occurred when the WOD was a 15k run. This would have been an easy day to skip coming to the gym, but Abby decided instead to step outside of her comfort zone and get better. During the workout she set a new PR 5k time, then proceeded to run a 10k (the furthest she had ever ran up to that point) and then finally went for the full 15k (another new record). That day and workout sums Abby up nicely: she shows up, she works hard, and she’s not afraid of a challenge. Congratulations Abby!!”

Coach Murph said: “Abby was an amazing athlete with a ton of potential when she came to Albany CrossFit. She soon started to tap in to that potential and has become an absolute rockstar. She has made an insane amount of progress in a short time but she remains humble and receptive to coaching. Abby is great to have in class and is willing to push herself in WODs. Her progress is a testament to her hard work and for that reason she deserves to be our newest and youngest member of the month! Congratulations Abby!”

Coach Shye added: “Abby has impressed me from the first day she started hitting the WODs. She has made tremendous improvements in all aspects of CrossFit. In every class that I coached or worked out with her she is always cheering other athletes. She really exemplifies the ideals of our community. I look forward to seeing her further progress as a CrossFit athlete! Congrats Abby on being member of the month. Well deserved!”

Coach Louis mentioned: “Abby is extremely driven. She comes in and works as hard as anyone at ACF. Pure business like; no B.S. Abby is quiet but has a genuine friendly personality. We are lucky to have such a talented young woman as part of our great community. Keep going hard. Congrats Abby.”

Coach Kat mentioned: “I unfortunately don’t really know our new member of the month Abby, but when I hear the other coaches talk about her she clearly is a sure fit to hold the spot! Congratulations Abby and keep kickin’ ass!”

Coach Pat said: “Abby is great to have in class. She works hard, takes coaching well, pushes herself and works on her weaknesses. Very friendly but quiet. Great addition to the community.”

Coach Stacey chimed in: “Abby is such a beast! She is very open to coaching and has been eager to get (be)tter since day one. She is such an athlete, and I love getting to watch her make progress in the gym! She is always challenging and pushing herself. I can’t wait to see her take on her first competition at Fall Face Off and I know she will continue to be a beast during the month! Congrats Abby on being a fantastic member of the ACF community and showing others what CrossFit is all about!”

Coach Chris added: “I don’t get to see Abby in many classes but when I do I am always impressed. She always pushes herself and each time I see her I see improvements. She’s very easy to coach and is great athlete. Congratulations Abby!!!”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2018 September Member of the Month, Abby!


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