September 2012 – Julie Hoskinson (ACF)

Kevin shows some love for Albany CrossFit's newest Member of the Month: albany bootcamp

I am proud to announce Julie Hoskinson as our Member of the Month for September 2012. She has been as consistent a member as possible since her best friend and fellow FireBreather Theresa "Booty" Lang dragged her in. She came in with an endurance background, but that didn't stop her from adopting our methodology and continuing to see gains in her running. 

She was the driving force along with Walter Boldish in starting our recent "Endurance Program", a program which is now a vital piece to our members who train CrossFit style but seek to crush endurance events too. Her positive attitude and willingness to learn hasn't faded at all since first walking through our door.

She also has transformed her body and has really begun to crush WODs on the regular. Her ability to move large loads quickly and still dominate gymnastic and endurance movements is an inspiration to all. She has competed in CrossFit comps and Races around the area, doing well in both.

Julie embodies all things CrossFit, and is simply a joy to coach and be around. I am happy to have her in our community, and look forward to seeing what is possible in this athletes bright future. Congratulations!