September 2012 – Jim Day (CCP)

Des talks about our newest Member of the Month at CrossFit Clifton Park: clifton park bootcamp

When I was asked to do a write up about Jim Day for Member of the Month I thought two things. First, obviously that I’m so happy Jim was recognized as MOM, and second that the funniest thing about this is that no matter what I say here after Jim will think I’m just pulling his leg! But that’s the guy he is. He is completely modest about his abilities and his progress at CrossFit. Many of you may not know who Jim Day is. He’s a constant at the 5:45am class at CCP and if you’re not an early riser you may not have had the opportunity to meet him. You may have seen him at CrossFit for Hope or “Stephen”. We always called him the guy with the washboard abs and the knee high socks and you’ll know which kids are his…they’re the ones wearing the knee high socks…just like their dad!

Jim is a quiet guy who is a hell of an athlete. When I tell you that Jim is one of the best guys I know, it’s not just because he’s a good guy, with a great upbeat personality. It’s because he is one of the hardest workers and most supportive members of CCP. Jim does not quit and he does not let his fellow athletes quit either. Jim has hope to make it to the Games in the Master’s division in a few years but with his progress I wouldn’t be surprised if he made it to regionals on his work ethic alone in 2013!

We are lucky to have him as a representative of our CrossFit community. Congrats Jim! This honor couldn’t have gone to a better person. So if you see him around, introduce yourself, and if you’re fortunate enough to hit a WOD with him you’ll see the true meaning of CrossFit.