Scaling Gymnastic Movements

I've heard more and more frustration about athletes stuck doing ring rows instead of pull-ups, or using a box for HSPU.  There are more scaling options then simply reverting back to what you know.

Let's take for example someone that has a few good pull-ups, say 3 consecutive.  A WOD such as "Fran" comes up and they immediately think, "well I can't do 21 so I need to do ring rows."  No, there is more than one way to scale.

An option that often gets overlooked is simply scaling the number of reps in the gymnastics movements while keeping the reps in the Barbell movement.  So in this example the athlete could do 21 Thrusters and 9 Pullups, 15 Thrusters and 6 Pullups, 9 Thrusters and 3 Pullups, maintinging the integrity of the workout, preserving the intended stimulus, and also working their gymnastic movements.

This can be done across the board for any WOD and/or gymnastic movement.  If you're unsure what to do for a specific WOD approach a coach or a veteran athlete and they can help you.  Coaches love when you come into class with a game-plan or have specific questions, we are here to help you become the best you can be, never hesitate to ask us a questions.