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Jon discusses plateaus and breaking through them: albany bootcamp

We’ve all been there, we’ve all said it and we’ve all been frustrated by it. It’s virtually inevitable that at some point you will plateau so let’s take a look at a few reasons why this may be and with coaches help how to overcome it!

If you train the same (ex: only hitting programmed WOD’s or only focusing on Strongman) you are susceptible to routine and routine leads to a plateau. In Greg Glassmans’s World-Class Fitness in 100 Words it says: ‘Routine is the enemy’ and ‘Regularly learn and play new sports’. So get yourself out there…try KB’s, strongman or a run with the endurance group! Getting outside your comfort zone will only lead to improvement. 

If you eat the same and have hit a plateau it might be time to switch it up. Now I highly recommend speaking with a coach regarding nutrition since each athlete’s needs are different. But an example may be moving from paleo to paleo zone. Also, if you eat the same foods over and over (salad for lunch, chicken for dinner etc.) not only will you be missing out on nutrients other foods provide but you’ll also be missing out on the variety of flavors which is more likely to lead to cheat meals.

Like I said above, each athletes needs are different. For me the last time I hit a plateau I started to add in additional strength training and core work. I altered my diet to include a raw juice (mostly vegetables and ½ piece of fruit) daily as well as a 24 hour fast once a month. But most importantly I started to focus on recovery & mobility…two things that I have always lacked in my training. Because of these changes I have hit all of the goals I have set for myself so far this year!

Remember…the coaches are here to help and a great tool tu utilize whenever you have questions!

Train hard, recover well…every day is game day!

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