October 2016 – Matthew Creedon

We are excited to announce that Matt Creedon has been selected as our October Member of the Month. The coaching staff has taken notice of the hard work and dedication Matt has been putting in both in and outside of the gym to better himself and we excited to see where this determination and desire to be better will lead.

Coach Louis says “Matt has upped his community involvement, he’s a hard worker, and often seen at two different times at the gym working relentlessly on his oly lifts and crushing wods in the triple. His numbers have had dramatic increases with the improvement on his techniques his lifts are correlating with his true strength. Matt is a great presence in the box and class. He has stepped outside of his comfort zone and is consistently hitting new PR’s in both lifting meets and in class.’

Coach Murph chimes in with “Not much I can say. Matt was strong when he came to Albany CrossFit but now he is really strong. He has increased his clean by 40 pounds in the last month. He was always a lean guy but, since starting to track his macros he is down twenty pounds. As a testament to his nutrition and pursuit of mastery of complex gymnastics he has recently crushed ring muscle ups and handstand push ups. I’m not talking a few reps I mean 20 and 75 reps. Matt is also a good dude, he’s always smiling and joking with other athletes. He works hard in class and the results show. I will deny that he is also a good dude to get a beer with if you ask me.”

Great job Matt! Congratulations on being Albany CrossFit’s October Member of the Month.

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