October 2015 – Louis Vidal

louisFrom Spartan race finisher, Adirondack 46’er, to marathon participant; this guy has done it all and continues to excel. He accepts challenges and works harder than most to earn success. Earn success. Louis trains with a purpose. He is the guy who works on skills and crushes RX workouts daily. He keeps his training varied while participating in many of our classes offered at the Court Club. He listens to the advice of coaches, pushes through each workout, and is the first to cheer his competitor on and high five everyone at the end of each class. Louis always enters with a positive attitude and a smile. We can’t be more thankful to have a community member like Louis Vidal around us and are honored to call him October’s Member of the Month.



AlbanDr. B AFCy CrossFit’s Member of the Month is proudly sponsored by Dr. Bianca Treski of Active Family Chiropractic. Dr. B is our resident “Spine Coach” and she shares in our mission to help make others better than they were yesterday. Members of the Month receive a complimentary $50 assessment card to use at Dr. B’s office. Please see Coach James to claim your prize!

Contact Dr. B:

Site: www.AF-Chiropractic.com

Phone: (518) 452-2800

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