October 2012 Boot Camp (ACF)

You all did it!  Not gonna lie…25 days ago I was nervous.  21 new people ready to begin their CrossFit journey…and I wasn't sure all of you would make it.  Well, not only did you make it, you crushed it! 

I am very proud of each and every one of you!  From nailing your air squats, learning the movements, improving your performance, and hopefully looking better naked…you have all come such a long way in this short amount of time. albany bootcamp

This is just the beginning.  Your CrossFit journey starts now.  It's a long one, there will be ups and downs, as in life, you can't let it get you down.  There will be days you feel like a CrossFit champion and days you feel like quitting, lean on us.  Our coaching staff is here to support, guide, and make the journey one that lasts a lifetime.

Like I said tonight, you are never bothering us.  We wake up every morning excited to coach our CrossFit athletes.  There is no dumb question, email, text or call (Murph). 

Laura and Christine, we love seeing new friendships developed at Albany CrossFit. No doubt this will become a regular occurrence at our Boot Camps…keep that friendship going use it to motivate one another! JJ, you’re welcome…

Naresh, I was worried about you, but you passed the test and you are well on your way. Now I need to come over and clean up your kitchen, with the help of Vamsee of course.

Jaya and Sweta, you two have come so far. It will be awesome to see you two support one another and have something like CrossFit in your lives. Sweta, you become a burpee machine!

Joe and Iryth, from not working out to pushups, situps, squats, and even pullups! Joe you are a natural athlete. Iryth, can’t wait until you help out with our knitting club!

Jay, Jon, and Davida. Three very scary people! So glad we got mom to come in and no doubt she will no longer be eating cheeseburgers pre-WOD. Jay and Jon you two beasts are going to be crushing WODs in no time.

Tim, Bill, and V, you three may have been quieter than the others, but you definitely made up for that in fitness. All 3 of you made drastic improvements in your performance, from killing the workouts to nailing new movements; you 3 are on your way to firebreather status!

Tracy I can’t believe the difference I already see in your physique, keep at it and you will be running that 5k in record time!

Can't wait to see you all in our WOD classes!

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