November 2016 – Jillienne Sanchez


We are excited to announce that Jillienne Sanchez is our November Member of the Month!! Jill has a relentless dedication towards improving her fitness and consistently steps outside of her comfort zone whether it be in challenging WODs or competitions such as Fall Face Off. When the question of who best personifies our gym’s values and goals the coaching staff unanimously voted for Jill as the 2016 November MOM!!

Last month’s winner, Matthew Creedon had this to say about his time as Member of the Month and Jill:

“It has truly been an honor being named Member of the Month for October. When I started at Albany CrossFit a little over a year ago, I came up with a list of personal goals and that was towards the top. For me any accomplishment I have in the sports of CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting starts with the coaches that I am with day in and day out. From Murph in the morning making me laugh through an intense WOD, James re-positioning me with the barbell to get a PR, or Louis inspiring me through his work ethic and positivity. These are the main reasons I am able to hit any of these goals. I am proud to have this goal attained and look forward to more challenges inside the box. It was no surprised to me when I heard Jill would be named Member of the Month for November. I have had the pleasure of working out with Jill in the mornings and her work ethic and determination spills over to the rest of the people in class. She has a great motor to get through any workout and I’m fortunate enough to see it in classes. Congratulations Jill, well deserved!!”

    Coach Shye chimed in with:

“Jill is as consistent as they come and always working on improving her technique. I love the fact that she comes in early before class and goes for a run to warm up and improve her cardiovascular conditioning. It’s also inspiring how often Jill puts herself outside of her comfort zone by participating in Spartan Races and Fall Face Off. To speak on Fall Face Off, initially she was nervous about joining the competition, but afterwards she noted that it was one of the “best experiences of her life” and further learned the lesson of how beneficial it is to step beyong ones perceived boundaries.”

 A few words from Coach Murph:

“Jill regularly hits the WOD in the morning and all of her dedication has paid off. She always has a goal that she is working towards. Jill got her first rope climbs during our rope climbing challenge and she just got her first pull ups a couple of months ago. She now does dozens of pull ups during WODs and is working on Muscle Ups. Jill is always questioning how she can improve and spends time working on her weaknesses. She was a last-minute competition at Fall Face Off and came in second place. She is one of my favorite athletes and I have no doubt she will keep checking her goals off her list.”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2016 November Member of the Month Jill!!!!!!

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