No More Cover-Up

Camille discusses facing our challenges: albany gym

I was in the waiting room at a hospital the other day and picked up one of the many magazines lying around.  On the back page, there was a large advertisement for a weight loss pill, stating it had been “previously discontinued due to severe side effects, but here, in this exclusive offer, it could be obtained once again.”  The ad went on to state that although there could be complications with this medication, overall, it usually worked well and “the opportunity to get it should not be missed.”

It continues to amaze me how many people think that the way to deal with a problem is, in essence, not to deal with it.  Instead, they look for a way to cover it up.  There is a fantasy that you can eat all the junk food available and still look like a model or an athlete or not suffer health problems just as we train hard.  It’s simply not true.

We learn early on at CrossFit that change is one of the concepts that people need to embrace. It is a constant in our program. From committing to a consistent to regularly hit the WOD, to striving for continually improving performance from increasing weights or attempting more advanced gymnastics movements, to simply staying clean with your diet.

CrossFit challenges the notion of dealing with health issues by “taking a pill” to handle the problem and then not change anything else.  Everything about CrossFit has to do with challenging the status quo of a person’s life.  It is not easy and not comfortable.  It is hard, inspiring, tough, difficult, stressful, stimulating and arduous.  But, I am convinced it is what is needed. Our current health care system is all about easy fixes and pills to cure whatever ails you.  I continue to hope that one day, a doctor will prescribe CrossFit to a patient, instead of a hiding behind a veil of medications.  Then, maybe, we will truly overcome our sickness.

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