Nicole Auryn’s Story.

1012888_10202451524743615_1910254369_nI love (and hate haha) Crossfit in general, and at Albany CrossFit there are some truly amazing people. The community is amazing. However, I think I enjoy the coaches the most. They are very attentive, and genuinely want to help you. Each one is very knowledgeable, and not some juice-head wannabe. They keep the classes well structured and the WODs balanced and effective. The class structure at Albany CrossFit has become a well oiled machine. Everyone is so friendly and motivating!


Why do I keep going to Albany CrossFit? Simple! The fact that it works! I have been able to reach my physical goals and then some. Going to Albany CrossFit for me is much like when one goes to yoga or to meditate. The world turns off and I rarely think about anything other than, "two more rounds before this awful shit is done," or something along those lines. The WODs are my form of meditation practice, as well as fitness. On the days I go to CrossFit I am more awake, attentive, and in a better mood. Sometimes that euphoric feeling carries over into the next day.


Physically: I have lost 40lbs and 10 sizes in about 6 months. I fit into clothes that I haven't in years, which is a wonderful feeling. I still need to work on my mobility, but even where I am at now, I've come a long way. Without going into too much detail, I came in pretty sick with ulcerative colitis, a fatty liver, and inflammation all around that I was so used to I didn't even realize how bad it was. Since I started attending Albany CrossFit consistently (finally!) and eating clean, my ulcerative colitis is in remission, my liver is almost entirely healed, and the inflammation and swelling in my joints is completely gone.


Mentally: I enjoy life more than I used to. I am less depressed, and I'm chipping away at my anxiety. It may sound weird, but I can also think more clearly and I make fewer stupid mistakes.


CrossFit has helped me with everything. The CrossFit movements make you better at everyday tasks like lifting, carrying, etc. Going up the 3 flights of stairs to my office used to be the biggest chore. I don't even notice them now.




I've really taken to the "CrossFit lifestyle", which has been awesome and challenging in so many ways. I've had to accept that some people think I'm crazy, and accept that those people are constantly going to let me know how "extreme" my workouts and eating habits are. I now put great care into deciding what I put into my body because I feel like I have a new lease on life. I make sure the majority of animals I eat have had the best lives, and I learned that I have a passion for food. I would never have heard about eating primal, the Whole30, or anything of that nature if it weren't for Albany CrossFit and it's culture.


There are so many good stories. Murph has an incredible story, and I can relate to some of it myself. There was another individual named Clark who changed so fast people thought he was sick, which I also can relate to. I remember recently reading an Albany CrossFit blog post that Kat O’Sullivan wrote about image, weight, and beauty which was truly inspirational. One of the great things about Albany CrossFit is that everyone who sticks around really wants to be there. Everyone has real goals, be it to overcome physical ailment, fix something they are unhappy with, or to be a competitor. If you keep an open mind, and commit to yourself, you can make it happen