New Programming

Our new programming is officially rolled out.
Our goal is to provide our athletes with the best possible product, help you get fit, reach your potential, live a healthy, injury free life and be well prepared for the 2014 CrossFit Open.
Here are some things to consider:
Hit Classes.  We specialize in coaching.  Get the value out of your membership.  Even if you only hold on to one cue or one fix in a class, those will lead to more success in the future.  Our goal as a coach is to give every athlete something to take away from each class they hit.  
I see so many athletes trying to do "more" and work "harder."  Work Smarter!  For many of you simply working on the fundamental movements (Air Squat, Push Jerk, etc.) will yield better and more results than doing your own thing.
No one at Albany CrossFit needs more than our programming.  Read these FAQs.  No one made the 2013 Northeast Regionals as an individual.  Don't put the cart before the horse, if this is your goal for 2014, make it happen.  Most our athletes need some work on weaknesses, if you haven't mastered the basic gymnastic movements, you don't need to hit more Back Squats.  If you don't have 20 consecutive pull-ups you don't need to be doing "Hatch" if you don't have HSPU, you don't need to be snatching every day, master the basics first.
With this new programming we may not always have it out a week ahead of time.  Some WODs will be posted the night before other times we may get a few days out.  Point is, this is all you need.  If you feel the need to do more, work on your "sucks" and mobilize.  
Working CrossFit on your own without coaching is no different than picking up a violin and saying I can play this.  Be realistic, you need coaching.
Our coaches are all on board and either hitting classes or hitting the same programming, we believe in this, and we belive in leading by example.
With the new programming we may not always put up a full week at a time.  If you feel you need more than what we are posting please set up a time to meet with Jason.
We are going to continue posting mobility and injury prevention as we think these are vital to any CrossFit routine and will ultimately lead to better and safer performance.
Scaling needs to be smart and that is on both you and the coach.  This programming is geared towards our top athlete if you are not there just yet, talk to the coach and/or come prepared with what you should be hitting.  
Jason will be running seminars on the 9 Foundational movements of CrossFit the week of August 26th.  Be in attendance!
Jason has sat down with many of our athletes to set up plans, how to attack their weaknesses and get them performing better, if you haven't already contact Jason and set up a meeting.