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Cfparty15"One of the things that is really remarkable about CrossFit, to me, is the camaradarie… It is what makes these workouts possible.  I cannot IMAGINE, even with all the same equipment at my disposal, doing these level and intensity of workouts at my normal Gym.  I just wouldn't push myself the same way. I feel very fortunate to have found CrossFit… " –Sandra Goldmeer

IMG_7728"Before CrossFit I had spent my life playing sports. I had tried every sport, except tennis, by the time I was in seventh grade. I wasn't bad at sports at all; I had made a state-wide soccer team and coaches wanted to move me up in lacrosse and football. The problem was that I just got bored. Sports turned into the same thing in a different day. I quit sports and for about six months was on my own. A family member told us about CrossFit and I loved it the first day I came. The workouts are intense but not too long, and there is something new every day. You cannot beat CrossFit, or get bored with it. I have been here for three months, and people who have been here a year or more tell me even they learn new things. Through CrossFit my body has changed, I am eating better, I am more focused during school, my grades have gone up, and I have never felt better.." –George Gates

Cfparty8"I started at Albany CrossFit with an athletic background, expecting this hour long class to be like every other exercise class. Boy, was I surprised.  The workouts at Albany Crossfit are unlike any other workouts I have experienced.  In just two months, I have had incredible results.   I have seen a dramatic increase in my strength, an increase in my speed, and overall body transformation.  Best of all, I have experienced an overall sense of community at ACF.  The trainers really care about your progress and will do just about anything to help you meet your goals.  Everyone at ACF will help you, challenge you, and change you….for the better." –Andrea Devlin

IMG_4966"I am grateful to Jay, Albany CrossFit and its members for providing a sanctuary away from the stresses of life. This is functional mental and emotional fitness. No matter what happened outside the doors to ACF, I drop it all and enter another world. This is the world where I can do what I thought was impossible. I can go from one achievement to another, and surprise myself at the power of determination.  Challenging myself physically frees me mentally, and creates a metaphor for a way to life my life. There is no failure. There is only a set of steps to a personal record. All the steps serve the purpose of creating my own reality.  Everyone here is a winner, and respects and encourages everyone else and their personal goals achievements." –Lenora


"When my brother started to tell me about CrossFit, everytime he talked about it I started to glaze over and said, uh huh and oh yeah? But then another friend of mine told me about it, not sure why I listened to her and not my brother, and she told me how to find the affiliate nearest me. So I emailed Jason on a Sunday and he got back to me inviting me to come that Monday, I was like, uh..that doesn't give me much time to prepare myself. I came in and while watching the class before me, met John M., Ben and Ernie. I was so intimidated watching the 4:30 class and they reassured me that they were scared once too. I trained with Niki that first night, my legs were pretty much broken for the next 2 weeks, but I kept going in a few times a week. I absolutely love the CrossFit program, I love the Albany CrossFit community (people here are so supportive) but most of all I love our trainers!! I would never go anywhere else!!! ACF is by far the best workout program I have done. Where else can you sweat buckets in 10 minutes and feel great about it?? I have done things that I never thought I could and the best thing is, I can't wait for more." –Katie Raymer

IMG_7699"Starting CrossFit Training a year and a half ago was one of the most grueling and physically enduring training I have ever done. But ever since that first "Cindy," I have been going strong! After doing the whole "globo gym" thing for years and hitting plateaus, CrossFit training has been my physical testament of the most effective and efficient way to be in the best shape of my life. A year ago, I was scared to deadlift 155 pounds and just recently, I hit a deadlift pr of 265 pounds! It just goes to show you that CrossFit training works. Not only have I done WOD's that I never thought I would be able to do, but have seen members at Albany CrossFit do the same and hit PR after PR. Its so rewarding to see other people have perseverance to do Rx'd WOD's or work till they get that Rx'd WOD and be believers that CrossFit really is the most efficient way to get into world class shape!" –Jess Dunn

"Game means your going to the death. What I live for is being game. I feel like if a guy ain't game, he don't want any of it. I want to raise kids up and teach them that this is what it means to be game. You don’t quit — there is no quit in you — and there is no quit in me.” Roy Jones Jr. – 8 time Boxing world champion

DSC_6937 I read this quote and I instantly think of Albany CrossFit. I, like so many other people, have been to a ton of different gyms where the majority of people just go through the motions of getting in shape, but never push themselves to their limit, or anywhere past it. I look at the different athletes (everyone that participates in albany crossfit is an athlete) around me while i work out and they are all sweating, screaming, and hauling butt. Every person at AlbanyCrossFit is "game", they push themselves to different heights every day, and I couldn't be happier to be apart of such an amazing gym. –Javy Martinez

"My name is Michael McCulloch, and I am a 36 year old Physical Education teacher and former Division 1 lacrosse player. I joined Albany CrossFit (ACF) in June 2008, after a friend and fellow lacrosse player spent three months raving to me about Crossfit. I have been involved with training and athletics (particularly lacrosse) my whole life and have never come across a fitness program of this caliber or magnitude. Coming from an athletic background, I figured that I would join ACF for a month, and then just incorporate it into my own training program. After that first month, I found that I was in the best shape of my life. I also found that yes I could incorporate the exercises and WOD's (workouts of the day) but I would not be able to match the ACF life. I could not duplicate the positive atmosphere, the intense energy, the great people and most of all, all of the great coaches and coaching at ACF. DSC_0809ACF has many terrific coaches and with my daily schedule I worked with Jason and Brett. While working with Jason and Brett, it was easy to see why people, myself included, leave their regular gyms or fad exercise programs like Boot Camp. Not only are the coaches extremely knowledgeable and passionate about CrossFit, their gym, and nutritional program, but they are also equally passionate of their clients (AKA family). Like any great business or program the coaches at ACF are never content or satisfied with their program. They are continually attending seminars and certifications to better themselves, their program and their clients. When you walk in at Albany CrossFit all of the coaches not only know your name, but care that you are there and are ready and willing to do everything they can to help you improve your physical fitness. I joined ACF with the full intention of only being a member for a month and then incorporating their program into my normal routine. However, I have now been a member for over one and a half years and couldn't imagine training without Albany CrossFit.