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Workout of the Day

* Complete 1 Set of the complex every 4 Minutes for 16 Minutes @ 30% 1RM Back Squat, Across.

Do not increase weight from set to set, the focus should be quality movement, not weight.

[Scale 1]:

No Change

[Scale 2]:

Use a weight that allows for good technique on all sets.

Lunge & Hinge Complex

8 Romanian Deadlift +

4 Reverse Front Rack Lunge / Side

8 Good Morning

4 Overhead Lunge / Side

After Party

* Complete in 15 Minutes.

Metcon (No Measure)

8 Super Sets of:

B1.) 4 Ring Archer Push-Ups

B2.) 4 Single Arm Ring Rows / Side

[Scale 1]:

B1.) Scale Ring Archer Push-Up by walking feet forward.

B2.) Make Ring Rows as challenging as possible.

[Scale 2]:

B1.) 4 Challenging TEMPO Ring Push-Ups (:4 Lowering Down, :2 Pause at Bottom, Normal Press).

B2.) 8 Ring Rows

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