Monday 111317

Albany CrossFit – Albany CrossFit: WOD – (Be)tter

Workout of the Day

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20 Minute AMRAP of:

15 Burpees

30/20 Calorie Row

[Scale 1]:

No Change

[Scale 2]:

20 Minute AMRAP of:

10 Burpees

20/15 Calorie Row

After Party

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

8 Reverse Tabata Rounds,

:10 On / :20 Off of:

Ring L-Sit HOLD

Bottom of Dip HOLD


8 Reverse Tabata Rounds,

:10 On / :20 Off of:

Hanging L-Sit HOLD

Chin Over the Bar HOLD

* Alternate between exercises each, every :5 held counts as 1 rep.

[Scaling Options]:

(Rings L-Sits)

Ring / Matador Support HOLD

Ring / Matador Tucked HOLD

(Bottom of Ring Dip)

Use a Matador

Bottom Ring Push-Up HOLD

(Hanging L-Sits)

Knee Tuck HOLD

Regular Active Hang

(Chin Over Bar)

Use different grips

Use Barbell Pull-Up Version

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